Photos by Phelps  Started in 2007

My Work Ethic

I make pretty people..Prettier. (tm)

This is my philosophy,  so when you read "Pretty People",  it isn’t a direct reference to outer beauty but that which comes from within.  So who we are on the inside,  isn’t always reflected on the outside.  When you work with me, we go over the ideas you have in mind to transform yourself visually.  With my knowledge of lighting, composition and color grading... I’m able to create cinematic shots to celebrate who you really are. With over a decade of photography experience , numerous magazine covers and countless features across the internet , I can make your dream into a visual reality.

I use portable studio quality equipment for on location shoots but I do have access to studio space if needed. But what's the use of good photos if they aren't helping you reach your full potential? My background is doing magazine shoots as well as website content and viral promotions..  means I can take the picture..edit it.. get it into a magazine and when your ready to launch your site, I'll  get you web traffic which is the modern way to start and maintain your modelling career.

Sample Testimonies

  • Rose Law
     Nothing like working with a professional who you are comfortable working with and knows curves.
  • Miss Melek
    I wanna give a hugeshout out to @photosbyphelps !!!You are the sole reason that I even got started with photography shoots and created this modeling account! I really appreciate you and all of your hard work and time and effort that you have put into helping me build up my modeling page. You are an amazing photographer and also a wonderful person!
  • rosa _notso_nice
    I'm so grateful that you came out and help to empower women and creatives of all types to succeed,love themselves, and stay creative !!! 
  • catdannan2
    I'm instituting Favorite shots Friday forposting my favorite professional photos. This great shot is by @photosbyphelps my first shoot with a professional photographer. It was great fun!
  • beautifull bee
    I appreciate you so much for working with me! You work ethic, personality and visual is unmatched
    Just letting you know a little bit of my success since you took my pictures only a week ago!!! Not only have I been contacted by several photographers wanting to take my pictures, I was contacted by an agency today that wants to meet when I'm back home in Texas next week to see if I want to sign with their agency. Then later in the afternoon I was contacted by a WA state famous rapper who wanted me to be in his music video after seeing your pictures on IG_ you da man!
  • theviviennerose
    I finally had the honor to appear in @venusofwillendorfchronicles by @photosbyphelps (the amazing photographer James Phelps).I feel like the goddess winds were blowing in this shot.James just has a special talent of creating depth and life to a photo!If you're ever in the Baltimore area, or in need of amazing pictures totally worth flying out for, reach out to him.
  • intellectual_ vixen
    On this day 2017. You cant tell by this pic that it was my very first shoot and I was nervous as hell but I put myself out there ready to work and learn. All of my life I've heard I should model but at 40 I had no plans to pursue it. I just wanted a shoot to say I did it for my bucketlist. I had no idea a couple years later I would be walking into a store to buy magazines I'm featured in. Life is funny that way so keep pushing.

PRICING: Please contact me and tell me about the shoot your envisioning or the project your looking to have me be a part of . Then I can give you a price based off the amount of shoot time involved/post-production of images/location..etc. Every shoot is different so I don't believe in having a set price list.

Due to overwhelming success , Photos By Phelps has now branched off with Avalon Creative Arts which focuses on Fashion and Editorial style modeling, feel free to follow Avalon's instagram @avaloncreativearts This is also for the more conservative model who branding has a very specific audience. Of Course still retaining the quality and stability of Photos By Phelps.

Follow my two Brands on Facebook as well, at and

feel free to email me at

Boudoir, from the unreleased archives

By Photos BY Phelps in Photos By Phelps Publications

78 pages, published 11/10/2022

Why pay for something , you can see online ?!? Well you’ll have a very hard time finding these images as I dug deep in the archives for the gems that helped get me to having 1.5 million followers on Facebook. My love of curvy voluptuous women who knew they were hot and wanted to show it off while having fun in cute outfits.


I make pretty people prettier... Vol 1

By Photos BY Phelps in Photos By Phelps Publications

108 pages, published 11/8/2022

Photos by Phelps, known internationally for his skill and creativity with photographing curvy and plus models, has finally release his first collected works. Images chosen by him , these archival, uncensored and visually images can be enjoyed wherever and whenever. Please be aware that you MUST BE OVER 18 to purchase this book, as many images are NSFW.


I make pretty people… Prettier Vol.2

By Photos BY Phelps in Photos By Phelps Publications

110 pages, published 11/18/2022

This collection of voluptuous images were shot by Photos By Phelps from 2010-2013. Most shot in a large one room studio. No editing were done to these images, enjoy the sexiness of reality. Women with bras larger than DDD, Tattoos and throwback to soft femininity. Please be at least 18 to purchase this rare collection of shapely women. 


Venus of Willendorf Chronicles

By Photos BY Phelps in Photos By Phelps Publications

86 pages, published 11/7/2022

Celebrating the diversity of models from around the United States. With over a decade of photography skill, James Phelps keen eye and camera proficiency makes for one of a kind coffee table book. One scarf and one light is masterfully crafted to truly embrace the reveal of beyond imagination. Must be Over 18 to purchase.


Some examples of where my work has been

Kurves N Cakez Magazine(cover, Twice)
Cherri Colada (cover, Twice)
Naked Hustle (cover as well)
Enfluenz Magazine(cover as well)
Sofine Magazine (cover as well)
Fearless Curves (cover as well)
Kink Magazine
Surreal Dollz
Jewish Times
The "b" Paper
Baltimore Magazine
Blood Rue
V blazin
Stunnaz magazine
XXL Web Candy
Color Me Curvy
Omigawd Magazine
Flava girl Magazine
Honeydrop Magazine
Vicissitude Magazine
Ugfm Magazine
Vixen Magazine
Go Hard Magazine
Cred Magazine
Dymez Lounge( 2 covers as well)
Out My Media Magazine
Nine 5 Four Magazine
KAPITAL Magazine
Trap Door Magazine (cover as well)
Trap Ink Magazine(Cover as well)
Curvz Magazine (cover)
Stacked Model Inc Magazine
Star Candie Magazine (Cover as well)
Been Banned Magazine (cover as well)
Urban Ink Magazine (Partial Cover)
Paper Ice Magazine (Cover as well)
Delicious Dolls
Lush Kittens
Vintage Boudoir Magazine
Beutiful magazine (cover)
Risque Pinups
Starlets and Harlots Magazine (cover)
Dyme Life Magazine (cover, Twice)
FabUplus Magazine (4 times)
Grand Diva Magazine
Queen of Curves Magazine
Savage X Fenty
The EZ Magazine (3 covers)
Zala Magazine
Praze Magazine
Modelz View
Swing Magazine

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